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CJA Training Panel

A Paid Training Opportunity

In an effort to enlarge and improve the participation of attorneys on the Criminal Justice Act
Panel, the United States District Court for the District of Vermont invites aspiring federal
criminal defense attorneys to participate on the CJA Training Panel. The Training Panel is a
Court sponsored training opportunity that provides attorneys with valuable "hands-on"
experience in federal criminal practice. The program is designed to ensure counsel have
sufficient experience in federal criminal procedure in order to meet the qualification standards for
admission to the CJA Panel. Participants will be compensated at an hourly rate.

As a member of the CJA Training Panel, counsel will assist knowledgeable and experienced
defense attorneys in the representation of defendants in the Court's felony criminal cases and will
provide exposure to topics essential in defending clients in federal criminal cases including:

  • Bail Reform Act
  • Discovery issues
  • Plea negotiations and proffers
  • Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Trial preparation and practice
  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • Local Rules and procedures

The CJA Training Panel is an excellent precursor to the CJA Panel and provides a great
opportunity for attorneys to learn the fundamental skills and core values of professionalism
essential to criminal practice in federal court.

For more information on CJA Panel membership, please visit the Court’s website at or call Jeffrey S. Eaton, Clerk of Court at (802) 951-6301.