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Monday, August 31, 2015

            United States Magistrate Judge Robert M. Levy seeks another term as a recalled Magistrate Judge in the Eastern District of New York.  Judge Levy’s current term expires on June 26, 2016.  The Judicial Council of the Second Circuit is considering the reappointment of Judge Levy to another two-year term of office and has determined that he appears to merit reappointment subject to public notice and opportunity for public comment.
            Upon reappointment, the incumbent would continue to perform the duties of a magistrate judge as specified in title 28, United States Code 636(h).
            Members of the bar and the public are invited to submit comments for consideration by the Second Circuit Judicial Council regarding the recall reappointment of Magistrate Judge Robert M. Levy to another term of office.  All comments will be kept confidential and should be directed to:
Karen Greve Milton
Circuit Executive
U.S. Courts for the Second Circuit
40 Foley Square, Room 2904
New York, NY 10007
Comments must be received no later than November 13, 2015.