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Rutland Information Guide

QUESTIONS about your upcoming jury service can be directed to Kathleen Carter, Jury Administrator, P.O. Box 945, Burlington, VT 05402-0945 or by calling 1-800-837-8718 ext. 108.

ALL REQUESTS TO BE EXCUSED MUST BE IN WRITING and received by the Jury Administrator at least ten business days prior to the summons date. If you claim a medical excuse, you will be required to provide a note from your doctor. You can mail your letter requesting excusal with your completed green questionnaire form in the business reply envelope enclosed.

EXCUSAL FOR VOLUNTEER SAFETY PERSONNEL (persons serving without compensation as firefighters or members of rescue squads or ambulance crews) and FOR PERSONS OVER THE AGE OF 70 will be granted if a request is submitted in writing to the Jury Administrator. You can mail your letter in the business reply envelope enclosed.

PARKING: A parking garage and metered parking are available within close proximity to the U.S. Courthouse Building (see enclosed map). Jurors will receive $3.00 a day for parking expenses. The Clerk’s Office WILL NOT be responsible for parking tickets incurred by jurors. Also be aware that parking on government property is NOT provided for jurors.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION reimbursement (except taxi service) is allowed. Should you use this type of transportation, please mention this to the Jury Administrator when you check in for service and provide a receipt if the cost of public transportation is over $1.00.

DIRECTIONS to the Courthouse can be found via the maps enclosed in the summons package.